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Re: knoppix DVD 4.0

On Thu, Jul 28, 2005 at 08:01:25PM -0700, Art H wrote:
> Hi all. Just so you know, I'm a newbie, I downloaded,burned and booted
> up with Knoppix 4.0 with no problems and have been using Linux for a
> few days now. I've tried searching for my question but can't find a
> definite answer yet, which is, since I'm running Knoppix from my DVD
> Rom, and don't write anything to my HD, how do I update a program, or
> add a program, I've read alot about apt-get but can't find out how to
> or where to put this or a tutorial on how to use this update feature.
> I'm going to get a USB flash drive in order to be able to save my
> settings after I shut my computer off. Also what program can I use to
> read newsgroups? I'm using Google Groups at the moment. Thanks.

Running Linux from a live CD or DVD can be a nice feature in certain
circumstances but if you are planning to use Linux regularly, I would
suggest that you bite the bullet and install it on your computer using
an official Debian CD or DVD or even something like Ubuntu or one of
the other Debian flavours.

I has been a long time since I have been actively reading
newsgroups. Long ago I have used tin and gnus to do that.  I would not
recoommend gnus for newbies. It is not the easiest reader to set up
but it is very powerful.

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