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Re: Sharing the internet connection with XP

At 00:03 2005-07-27, you wrote:
On 7/26/05, Björn Johansson <bjorn.johansson@4a-consulting.com> wrote:
> I can't afford to buy a router right now, so that's out of the question.
> I have made progress! Now I can transfer files
> through ftp from the pc to mac at the
> same time as the pc has access to the internet.
> To make the mac share the internet through the pc, to make that work, people
> have told me that I should use the pc as a gateway. So perhaps I need to
> create an static ip for gateway on the pc and then I tell the mac to use that
> gateway address in the network.

What IP does the network card in the PC have now?
and netmask

From your previous mail I see that the Mac is on with
netmask Since you can already "talk" to the PC, that
means the PC's card is on 192.168.0.???. That is the IP you want to
set as the gateway on your Mac! To test this, use "route":

route add default gw 192.168.0.??? dev eth0

Now you should be able to reach the Internet... try:


which is www.debian.org.

If it doesn't work, check the connection sharing options in Windows XP.

Once this basic connection works, you can set it all up proper in


I don't understand how the Mac can use the internet connection on the PC
when there's another network card in the PC which is connected to the
ethernet modem? Maybe I don't haveto understand? :-/

I understand that by using the PC:s IP as a gateway to the Mac, they should
be able to use the same internet connection, but it still don't work!
When I ping: www.debian.org as example I get the IP address but the
system reports 100% packet loss, so it's not working, yet...
Of course I also tried your ip numbers and I got the same result.
(100% packet loss.)

Perhaps I should have excluded "dev" in the command line.
Hmm... It should not be so hard to get this working!! Right?

Kind regards

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