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Re: Sharing the internet connection with XP

At 00:58 2005-07-25, you wrote:
I didn't review this before posting, but:


helped me a whole lot. its not Deb specific, but should work. When I was using this setup it worked great, so long as the main computer was on... ;-)

simplest answer? buy a router... ;)

good luck.


Björn Johansson wrote:
I still haven't managed to get these 2 computers sharing the internet connection.
Any new ideas? :-/

I can't afford to buy a router right now, so that's out of the question.
I have made progress! Now I can transfer files through ftp from the pc to mac at the
same time as the pc has access to the internet.

To make the mac share the internet through the pc, to make that work, people
have told me that I should use the pc as a gateway. So perhaps I need to
create an static ip for gateway on the pc and then I tell the mac to use that
gateway address in the network.
The problem is, that I have already done this in my config file. But perhaps
the mac is using the wrong ip adress or something? Uuuuh. X-(
I will try again later.

Thanks for your response by the way, although it did not help me this time.


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