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Re: Server crashing

strawks said:
> On Tue, 2005-07-19 at 13:52 -0500, Josh Battles wrote:
>> strawks said:
>> > The best way to avoid RAM problem is to buy ECC RAM. This way if your
>> > RAM has a failling cell, you'll know it.
>> ECC RAM is expensive and RAM errors are relatively rare nowdays, I don't
>> think this is something that's easily justified in a home environment.
>> Besides with current pricing on Non-ECC RAM, it's cheaper to just replace
>> what you've got in the event you have an issue.  It'll still be cheaper to
>> buy regular RAM twice than it is buying ECC RAM once.
> ECC RAM is unjustified in a home environment, except maybe for a server.
> ECC RAM is not so expensie (I just checked on Kingston Website : $122
> for 1GB Non-ECC DDR400 CL3, $152 for ECC), it's the Reg ECC RAM that is
> really expensive ($201 for 1GB Reg ECC DDR400)

I would guess that RAM errors are relatively uncommon though.  The only thing
that has ECC RAM in our whole organization our mainframe, even mission
critical servers don't have it and we never have problems with memory errors.

Those prices aren't bad for ECC, it used to be almost twice the price and was
the last time I looked.  I wrote it off at that time and just used 2 512mb
sticks of regular high performance PC3200.  They're in a PC that gets used
(for the past 3 years) heavily for gaming as well as programming and I've
never encountered a memory error in either Linux or Winblows.

- Josh

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