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Re: Server crashing

On Tue, 2005-07-19 at 13:52 -0500, Josh Battles wrote:
> strawks said:
> > The best way to avoid RAM problem is to buy ECC RAM. This way if your
> > RAM has a failling cell, you'll know it.
> ECC RAM is expensive and RAM errors are relatively rare nowdays, I don't
> think this is something that's easily justified in a home environment. 
> Besides with current pricing on Non-ECC RAM, it's cheaper to just replace
> what you've got in the event you have an issue.  It'll still be cheaper to
> buy regular RAM twice than it is buying ECC RAM once.

ECC RAM is unjustified in a home environment, except maybe for a server.
ECC RAM is not so expensie (I just checked on Kingston Website : $122
for 1GB Non-ECC DDR400 CL3, $152 for ECC), it's the Reg ECC RAM that is
really expensive ($201 for 1GB Reg ECC DDR400)

strawks <strawks@yahoo.fr>

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