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Re: On using Mozilla instead of Firefox (was: Re: Disappearing text in Mozilla)

Rogério Brito:
> Excited with the promise that it would "shrink" in size in comparison to
> the suite/Seamonkey (which was one of the main arguments that they were
> using in the Phoenix 0.4 or so days), I started to use it as my main
> browser and also advocating its use for fellow people and to my students.

Same here. Phoenix/Firebird *was* damn fast.

> Furthermore, once loaded, Firefox uses about the same amount of virtual
> memory (in my, admittedly, non-scientific tests) as the suite, after
> browsing some pages. And that's not even counting having Thunderbird
> launched, which uses a bit more memory (as expected).

And it is not only memory usage. I rarely use Mozilla these days (and
only the browser part), but when I use it I always notive that it feels
generally faster than Firefox. Ok, I have 10+ extensions installed, but
even with the same extensions Firefox under win32 feels faster than
under Debian. I guess mozilla people nowadays concentrate more on
Windows (which is a shame).

> Point 3 here: Another thing that is slightly disturbing is that, under the
> very same hardware, running Firefox under Windows 2k and Debian to visit
> www.macslash.org one notices a dramatic slower scroll speed of that site.
> Something must clearly be different between the "same application" to have
> this behaviour (hint: you'll likely to be annoyed at this if you have a
> slower computer).

See above. I am in the glad position to have a still quite fast laptop
(1.3GHz Pentium M, 768MB RAM) but I am often astonished at Firefox's CPU
usage even when it is "idling".

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