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Re: K3b should be run as ROOT! Solved!

On Sunday 17 July 2005 09:10 am, Rob Bochan wrote:
> On Sunday 17 July 2005 09:53 am, Benjamin Sher wrote:
> > Dear Carl:
> >
> > I am only reporting what the author says. I installed K3b from apt-get.
> > When I tried to use it, I got this message. After being told that I
> > should run K3b as user, I switched to user, but as soon as I tried to run
> > it as user, I got the author's admonition again. So, to be on the safe
> > side, I'm going to stick with his recommendation.
> When cdrecord was installed, you were asked if you wanted to add the setuid
> bit or not. It defaults to not. If you had set it, users in the 'cdrom'
> group would have access to cdrecord as necessary, as noted during the
> install. If the k3b setup program (that you are being prompted to follow)
> doesn't allow you to set it, you can run dpkg-reconfigure cdrecord and set
> it there. Then, users in the 'cdrom' group can burn a cd without hassle.
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> ...Rob
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Dear Rob and Stephen:

Rob is right. He's got it! I did not set the SUID during install. I didn't 
know what it was all about and the default was No. So I went with No. I just 
reconfigured it and chose yes, went back to K3b, set it to user in Kmenuedit 
and launched k3b. This time there is NO message. So, now I can use it as 

Thanks so much.


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