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Trouble booting sarge

Hi all,
	I have installed sarge many times, but lately have had problems
I've currently loaded 3.1 version, all went well. But for three things that 
1	booting is stalling at 'starting diald', and goes no further.
2	the default bootloader is lilo, I have become accustommed to grub, and would 
like to continue.  Did I miss the step where it was installed, or has 
something happened that would default to lilo..????

3	I also no longer have the option of booting into windows, dual booting hs 
never been a problem til now. Even on 3.0 gave me a clean boot and the option 
of either or.... 

	I would appreciate a different perspective... otherwise I just reload again.  
I would like to crack it though.


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