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Re: Help with personal repository

Raffaele D'Elia wrote:
> Hello all,
> I've created a personal repository using debarchiver that "just works".
> Now I need to remove some packages from it.
> Any ideas?
> I googled a bit, but...
> Many thanks in advance.
> Radel
you have to remove the package (which is a find on files which names
start with the packagename) and rebuild the index:

find /var/lib/debarchiver -name "packagename*"  | xargs rm
debarchive --scanall

This solution has assumes that packagename is sane (e.g. contains no
spaces - which is not valid for a packagename), and I only verified it
with a very small local debarchiver archive (I also have a local
debarchiver repository). I found this in a (german) howto for the

	hope this helps

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