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Installation problem

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am wirting to you in order to kindly ask for your assistance. I have
downloaded the iso image of the core Debian 3.1 for i386 arcfitecture (i have
pentium 4 processor). 

Then I have successfuly instaled the core (i only could not make the DHCP act
properly... i know very important). After that the system boots into debian
where it should download the rest of the system via Internet. And here my
problems start. 

I have a ADSL connection and my computer is connected on the internet via
router. I was not able to connfigure that in my system so that i could establish
a connection. Plese help in and give me detailed instructions (I am not an
expert in this matter) how to make this connection work. I was Windows XP
already installed onm my system if it it any easier. 

I would really like to thank you for your assistence and look forwart to your

Kind regards from Slovenia.

Andrej Perdih


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