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Re: mail server

The license for qmail prohibits the distribution of it in binary form except in it's "pure" state. The qmailrocks installation patches the pure qmail source to add additional functionality and thus cannot be distrbuted in binary form. Also, the debian package for courier-auth does not include the vchkpw module which is required for some of the functionality in the qmailrocks install.

One piece of advice on the installation. Watch very carefully the parts that detail ownership of files and what accounts certain processes should run as. If you have problems getting it to run after you've got it setup, look there first.

Good luck.

Craig Russell

askar k wrote:

I don't know about one for postifx but the qmailrocks website has step
by step instructions as well as a very active mailing list that is
extrememly helpful for mail related issues.  The installation
instructions do cover spamassassin, clamd, squirrelmail, sql back-end,
ssl-secured smtp and pop auth, as well as more.


I've got a mailserver running on debian using this installation and it
is stable, fast, and secure (as secure as any publicly facing server can

Craig Russell
Finally I finished with shorewall stuff and I'm beginning with setting
up mail server explained at http://www.qmailrocks.org/
I noticed the Debian installation guide shows the way of installation
from the source, not using apt-get install ...
Personally I'm OK with that, I just want to confirm, in
http://www.qmailrocks.org/ showed the way of installation mail server
from the source. Am I correct?


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