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Re: installing sarge to lvm

Rick Pasotto said:
> That certainly makes sense but HOW DO I DO IT? The installer gives me no
> option either to format (select fstype) the logical volumes nor to
> specify a mount point. The installer creates the volume groups and
> logical volumes but then does nothing with them.

When I set up LVM on my server, I spanned a volume over 3 disks.  Once I
configured the drives as LVM, I noticed there was a seperate partition with
the mount point I specified in the LVM configuration tool.  It was at the
bottom of the list of partitions and I was able to select the filesystem that

> The installer installs *everything* into /.

There are several different preset partitioning schemes available in addition
to the one that installs everything into /.  I personally like to partition
for a multi-user workstation.

- Josh

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