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Re: installing sarge to lvm

On Thu, Jun 30, 2005 at 04:56:46PM -0400, Ryan Schultz wrote:
> On Wednesday 29 June 2005 11:46 pm, Roberto C. Sanchez wrote:
> > On Wed, Jun 29, 2005 at 11:39:03PM -0400, Rick Pasotto wrote:
> > > I'm confused by the sarge installer. I have a single 250g hard
> > > drive that I would like to manage entirely with lvm. The installer
> > > wants to partition the drive *before* configuring lvm but I
> > > thought that partitions existed within the lvm. Have I
> > > misunderstood? How should I do the initial partitioning? Do I
> > > setup a small boot and then the rest as root?
> >
> > You need at least one partition to make the physical volume for LVM.
> > Additionally, I would do this:
> >
> > /dev/hda1: XX MB (swap)
> > /dev/hda2: 64 MB (/boot)
> > /dev/hda3: 512 MB (/)
> > /dev/hda4: the rest (LVM PV)
> >
> > I suggest that because having /boot and / on an LVM logical volume can
> > get to be a pain when it comes to booting.
> I can second this -- don't put / or /boot under LVM control, just /'s
> large subdirectories, like /usr, /var, /home, etc, but not /bin,
> /sbin, /lib, or other directories that contain important system
> recovery tools. For example, the LVM tools are in /sbin -- if you
> break your LVM tools or kernel LVM support somehow (I've done it),
> with / (and thus /sbin) on an LVM partition, you'll have quite a mess
> to deal with when you reboot.

That certainly makes sense but HOW DO I DO IT? The installer gives me no
option either to format (select fstype) the logical volumes nor to
specify a mount point. The installer creates the volume groups and
logical volumes but then does nothing with them.

The installer installs *everything* into /.

Do I have to accept that then manually format the logical volumes, copy
the /usr, /var, /home directorys, edit /etc/fstab, and then reboot?

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