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ppp problem


As well as ppp_on_boot (/etc/init.d/ppp) is deprecated, I decided to
switch to the "interface" way.

I'm running Etch, and my ISP provides pppoe connection, ADSL.
I followed what was written into the README.Debian

- edit /etc/network/interfaces to add:

auto pppoe
iface pppoe inet ppp
        provider pppoe
        pre-up br2684ctl -b -c 0 -a 0.8.35
        pre-up ip link set up nas0
        post-down kill $(cat /var/run/nas0.pid)

- Edit /etc/ppp/peers/pppoe to insert my login

- I loaded br2684 by adding "br2684" at the first line of /etc/modules
(I just did it, without really knowing why, but because it was told into
the REAME)

# ifup -a
ifup: interface lo already configured
ifup: interface eth1 already configured
/bin/sh: br2684ctl: command not found
Failed to bring up pppoe.


# pon

And the connection is up.

So: ifup -a fails, but pon success.

What could be the reason? What's the
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