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Re: exim tutorial

On Tue, Jul 05, 2005 at 03:45:48PM -0400, Mark D. Hansen wrote:
> I'm a total newbie at mail servers.  Now, I need to set up exim.  I
> can't even figure out how to add users.  Can somebody point me to a
> good "HowTo" or tutorial "for dummies" ??

I would suggest installing the exim4-doc-html and/or exim4-doc-info

You can add users in the file /etc/aliases. Actually, any existing
local users on your system are already able to get mail without you
having to change anything in this file. But in /etc/aliases you can
define users that don't have an account on your system. You could add
the following line:

maurits: maurits@vanrees.org

If your mail server works correctly this would forward any mail sent
to maurits@<your-domain> to me.

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