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Re: mount ntfs only readable?

On Tue, Jul 05, 2005 at 04:36:51PM -0400, ebenoit wrote:
> Carl is it possible to do this:
> I have a 100gb hd the whole hd is an ntfs file system, however I only 
> have 46gb of information I want to save ....could I shrink the partition 
> size with out loosing any of the 46gb data and then change the other 
> 54gb to a an LVM ext3 partition, so that I can copy the 46gb of data to 
> the new 54gb linux partition.

Yes.  You should defragment the NTFS partition before running ntfsresize,
and of course back up anything irreplaceable.

> I am hoping  ntfsresize is a linux program since their is no NT OS just 
> an ntfs partition with my stuff on it.

It's on the current Debian netinst CD image.  (I used it literally yesterday
to put Etch on a newly-bought computer.)

You can't ntfsresize from the installer, though.  Before letting the
installer do any partitioning, use Alt-F2 to get to a root console and run
ntfsresize manually.
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