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Re: syntax highlighting

On Tue, 2005-07-05 at 11:11 +0200, roberto wrote:
> hello, i have the following question:
> in my MATLAB code i have a lot of "for...end" or "if....end" and most of them are nested one
> inside the other, do you know how to recognise whose "for" or "if" an "end" belongs to?
> i know some editors are able to do this (vim, kwite...).

You can enable syntax highlighting for vim by editing /etc/vim/vimrc
look for the line:

" syntax on

and uncomment it.Then look in the
file /usr/share/vim/vim63/syntax/syncolor.vim and other files in that
directory to configure the actual highlighting to your liking.

Kind regards
Hans du Plooy
SagacIT (Pty) Ltd
hansdp at sagacit dot com

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