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Re: WHAT the Eff is this???

Douglas Ward wrote:

>On Monday 04 July 2005 04:23, trevor hamel wrote:
>>can someone tell me how to get it to not be in command
>c. Run a command to install something pretty
>aptitude install x-window-system kdm kde synaptic openoffice.org 
>aptitude install x-window-system gdm gnome synaptic openoffice.org 
OR, if you want both KDE and Gnome:

  aptitude install x-window-system kdm gdm kde gnome synaptic
openoffice.org mozilla-firefox

Of course, gdm and kdm conflict with each other; you can (usually) only
have one graphical login manager; but Debian is smart enough to ask
which one you want to use, even though both are installed. (Of course,
you could just leave one or the other (or both, in which case you'd
start X manually with the command "startx") out of the installation.)

>METHOD 3. The command line is a goddess.
>apt-get install grep sed ed vim emacs links
>(Yeah, I am joking.)
You say you're joking, but, I bet Trevor has never seen a text-based web
browser. So, Trever, just for the "gee-whiz, I'm getting an education"
factor, as root, do

  aptitude install links

and then as non-root, run "links". Once the screen is up, press "g" to
go somewhere, and you'll be asked for an address. Type in a web address
(preferably a simple site, like www.slashdot.org), and you'll be surfing
in text mode. An alternative, and more common, text-mode browser is
"lynx", which you can install with:

  aptitude install lynx

(Note that anywhere you see "apt-get" or "aptitude" you can pretty much
substitute the other, although as mentioned in an earlier email, you may
want to get in the habit of using "aptititude".

>Why You Saw a DOS-Like Screen: Another poster was more complete and verbose 
>than I will be.
I may have been more verbose, but I believe you've been more
informative. Good explanation!

>HAL (more hardware abstraction)
I believe it stands for "Hardware Abstraction Layer", in case you're


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