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Re: iptables related query

On 2005-07-03 @ 21:40:06 (week 26) Mal Beaton wrote:

> I prefer to use sub chains to identify from the internet or from
> internal etc

I do too, but as the corresponding webpage states:

Note that this ruleset is written with readability and clearness in mind
so anyone can fathom it. Thus it is optimized for understandability and
not for speed. For a standard workstation or a server with limited
amounts of traffic that won't pose any problem. In an environment with
huge amounts of traffic or where Network Address Translation is used a
more complicated ruleset will be needed. 

I might redo it though (if I find the time)...

> I also learnt from a very experienced  firewall administrator to use the
> long switches so anyone else can easily read the scripts

That's very sound advice, which I couldn't agree with more.

Grx HdV

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