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Re: iptables related query

Hi Yuriy,

I'll follow up on my own answer to clarify things a bit more.

In my previous message I showed you one way to initialize your iptables
ruleset. That ruleset itself is nothing more than a simple shell script
containing instructions for iptables on what to do with specific types
of network traffic. Google will help you locate a whole lot of examples
to start with.

Here's a URL to a very good tutorial on how to write your own ruleset:



Grx HdV

P.S. <shameless plug>I once wrote an article on how to get up and
running with iptables. You can read it here
Note however that this page will be updated and moved to a new location
later this month (I've recently quit my job over there and thus now I'll
have to relocate my site).

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