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uninstall PHP5.

Dear my friends...

I am debian newbie.

I installed PHP5. I download it from www.php.net and installed it with
this way:
make install.

it run flawless.

but the problem comes, because I can not find any PHP5 packages from
official debian (*.deb). I need the PHP also for my apache. but I can
not find any PHP module for apache to be loaded. so, I can not put it
into apache2.conf (load the PHP module for apache from apache's
configuration file.

If I installed the php4*.deb than I will find "internal problem" error
message from my apache2.

So I am met into intersaction:
1. I have to remove the installed PHP5 and installed the PHP4 from
2. let the installed PHP5 and install the rest needed PHP software for
PHP5 and apache from debian.

but the second option is not available so I have to do the first option,
namely: remove the PHP5 and just installed the php with "apt-get install

So please tell me how to remove/uninstall my current PHP5 from my debian

Thank you very much in advance.

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