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Re: isp service

On Sunday 03 July 2005 16:04, TedNick wrote:
> How and where can I find a Linux friendly ISP.

Best of luck. I've only heard of one linux friendly ISP in England.

> I need the DNS or IP address number.

Maybe, then again maybe not.

> All of the ISP's that I have contacted do not want to provide me with that
> number.

If your a client, they should be able to give it. When I asked my ISP for 
these detail, I had to talk to a supervisor.

> They say sorry. You cannot use Linux.

Bull Sh*t. You can use anything you want too, as long as they're (your ISP is) 
standard compliant. They probably don't support DOS, OS/2 or Mac either. I 
know mine doesn't.

1. Get as much details as you can.
2. Boot up with Knoppix.
3. Configure PPP and KPPP with what you have and go to:

KPPP > Configure > Accounts

Setup an account.

And then under Edit > DNS

Set Configuration to Automatic.

This should get you online with the same info they give to Windows users.

If they have a setup CD that they normally tell people to use. I just tell 
them, "My CD-ROM drive is bust" and "Can they talk me through it".

Then just right everything down. Some of that info will be useful to you.

Once your online, look in /etc/resolv.conf while online and you'll see that 
KPPP has written your ISP's DNS server IP addresses in there. Copy it if you 
want it. It's only there while your online.

Also while connected. If you click on the "Details" on KPPP's active connect 
dialogue box. You'll see your temporary IP addresses as well as your ISP's 
permanent IP address.

Best of luck.

Robert "roach" Spencer
South Africa

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