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Re: isp service

On Sun, Jul 03, 2005 at 10:04:30AM -0400, TedNick wrote:

> How and where can I find a Linux friendly ISP.

If you pick some major ISP like earthlink, it's a pretty fair bet that 5
minutes with Google will find you almost the exact commands to
type/files to edit to get online.

> All of the ISP's that I have contacted do not want to provide me with that number.
> They say sorry. You cannot use Linux.

UNIX had TCP/IP built into the kernel back when Windows had winsock
hastily bolted onto the side.  Linux will work with probably even the
most degenerate configurations, if they follow some kind of standard.
(Proprietary services such as compuserve and AOL have invented protocols
and use complicated client software, and that won't work.)

What they mean, in most cases, is that you will not get support if you
use Linux.  In my experience, if you're savvy enough to run Linux, you
don't need their support anyway unless there's a problem on their end.
The bigger the business, the more likely you're talking to a trained
monkey, who will tell you with a straight face that Linux won't work
without realizing some of the company's essential servers are *running*
Linux.  As an administrator at a very small ISP, I answered the Linux
question with, "it'll work, but we don't support it."

Adam Fabian <awfabian@gmail.com>

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