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Re: isp service

TedNick writes:
> How and where can I find a Linux friendly ISP.

Almost any ISP will work with Linux.

> I need the DNS or IP address number.

The software will take care of that automatically with almost all ISPs.
Run pppconfig as root.  Answer the questions and choose "Dynamic" in the
"Configure Nameservers" screen.  Choose PAP authentication as that is what
almost all ISPs use.  Use the command 'pon' to start the connection and
'poff' to stop it.  If you must have a GUI install gpppon.

> All of the ISP's that I have contacted do not want to provide me with
> that number.

The people you are talking to don't know what it is.  All they know is how
to recite recipes for configuring Microsoft Windows.

> They say sorry. You cannot use Linux

They are wrong.
John Hasler

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