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SSH and X11 Forwrding query


I have used SSH and X Forwarding successfully in the past, but since
moving to Sarge, it refuses to co-operate.  Either I can't
read/understand the documentation or there's something new.

>From work, I can ssh or scp to home using a host.domain address.  At
home I've added 3 lines to my .ssh/config file:

	Host my_work.dyndns.org
	User my_user
	ForwardX11 yes

where the host address is another host.domain address that I registered
with dyndns.org (great service).  My user name and hostname at "my_work"
are not the same as at home.  Both IP addresses are correctly deduced by
DNS from the host.domain's that I registered.  Both hosts are behind
firewalls and have private addresses (192.168.x.x).

When I connect from work, the DISPLAY variable is NOT set.  I've tried
the command line option as well as the "config" file above.

Anyone have any ideas on what I'm doing incorrectly or have knowledge
of why this setup will consistently fail?



			         Dean Provins
			    50.95033N, 114.03791E
		  KeyID at at pgpkeys.mit.edu:11371: 0x9643AE65

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