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Re: SSH and X11 Forwrding query

On Sat, 2 Jul 2005 14:09:42 -0600
Dean Allen Provins <provinsd@telusplanet.net> wrote:

> Hello:
> I have used SSH and X Forwarding successfully in the past, but since
> moving to Sarge, it refuses to co-operate.  Either I can't
> read/understand the documentation or there's something new.
> >From work, I can ssh or scp to home using a host.domain address.  At
> home I've added 3 lines to my .ssh/config file:
> 	Host my_work.dyndns.org
> 	User my_user
> 	ForwardX11 yes
> where the host address is another host.domain address that I
> registered with dyndns.org (great service).  My user name and hostname
> at "my_work" are not the same as at home.  Both IP addresses are
> correctly deduced by DNS from the host.domain's that I registered. 
> Both hosts are behind firewalls and have private addresses
> (192.168.x.x).
> When I connect from work, the DISPLAY variable is NOT set.  I've tried
> the command line option as well as the "config" file above.
> Anyone have any ideas on what I'm doing incorrectly or have knowledge
> of why this setup will consistently fail?

Do you have "X11Forwarding yes" set in /etc/ssh/sshd_config? (Make
sure to run "/etc/init.d/ssh restart" if you make changes to that
file.) The "ForwardX11 yes" line in your ~/.ssh/config file will only
affect _outgoing_ connections from that computer, not incoming. Plus,
both "ForwardX11 yes" and -X will only work if the "X11Forwarding yes"
line is set in the sshd_config file.


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