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Re: Re: SATA problems

you wrote
"Boot the 2.6 kernel in installation, after hardware detection go onto
the console and post the output for `lspci -v` and `lsmod`."
Sorry Adam, you've got a newby to install problems here... bear with me! Question: how do I go into console during an install? The system doesn't install, as there are no disks discovered, so I assume you mean some form of install console?  I'm *well* out of my area of competence here, so can you give a few more details, pls.
I was fumbling around on this last night, googling and anything else that might help, and tried "expert26" install off "etch", and got to a point where I could select drivers for my disks. I saw no drivers in the list that matched, but there was a selection to allow loading off a floppy. Meanwhile, I had emailed ULi, who emailed some drivers back (complements to ULi, I didn't expect a reply either quickly or at all, after all, if they replied to every Joe Soap, they'ed get no work done).
Problem is, I don't know how to use them. ftp'ed (binary mode) them off the windows machine they arrived on, onto another Debian box, linux formated a floppy and copied them onto that, but the install program said it wasn't a driver disk, so no joy there...
Thanks for your help so far!

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