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Re: SATA problems

Jim Blake wrote:

> I believe SATA support was included in the kernel from 2.6.10, but even
> when I try to install with a 2.6 kernel and the NetBoot disk, it fails.

SATA should work with the 2.6.8 kernel as well. FWIW, I've moved to SATA
only setup at the beginning of the year. The biggest problem for me was
installing Windows because I had to scavenge a floppy drive from somewhere!

> I think I need to add some drivers, etc to the kernel, but I'm not
> confident (on what is needed *or* how to do it!). I've googled around
> for a couple of days, and everything points in this direction, but I
> need to be sure before I hack round and create a bigger problem than I
> already have.

Boot the 2.6 kernel in installation, after hardware detection go onto
the console and post the output for `lspci -v` and `lsmod`.

- Adam

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