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Re: LILO bug?

On Fri, 1 Jul 2005, Marty wrote:

> In addition to the SCSI disk becoming unbootable -- the SCSI drive LED
> flashed when LILO wrote to it; and pulling the SCSI cable (not recommended)

just because the light flashed doesnt mean it was written

> As I mentioned before, the target partition /dev/hda1 subsequently failed to
> boot, and removing the SCSI disk from the system bypassed the entire problem.

failing to boot is NOT the same problem as problems with lilo.conf of lilo
> I don't know offhand how to map the BIOS disk numbers (0x80, 0x81, ...)
> to the Linux disk numbers (0x300, 0x301, ...).  

which may explain why you have wierd behavior if you did try those 
whacky disk reassignment commands in lilo

> As I pointed out before, I don't get as far as booting.  The target drive
> hda still doesn't boot and the SCSI drive stops booting.

you can boot ... anything ... even w/o "/" mounted ... you'd just get
kernel panic or  "/" ( aka init ) not found

booting sequence has nothing to do with the rootfs
> > 	- label theboot kernel differently, explicitly for each
> > 	hard disk
> See above.

a super important detail that you will need to do.. to prove that
you can boot from /dev/hda or from /dev/sda

	hda  --->>
		label = hda-vmlinuz

	sda --->
		label = SDA-vmlinuz

than see what is booting .. or attempting to boot
> > - it's NOT possible, or extreme slim chance, lilo writes to the wrong
> >   boot=/dev/xxx divice
> The impossible seems to be happening.  I'd entertain alternate theories.

usually lilo and grub problems are misconfigured files ...
	or "dirty" mbr that havent been cleaned up yet
> I've seen it many times on different systems, hence the workaround.  I don't know
> if others can duplicate it or not, hence one of the reasons for posting.

i do NOT wsee any problems with lilo or grub with ide vs scsi disks
	- and you named it... i probaby get whacko trying to boot it
> The last time I hit the problem was a few months ago.  It's possible that
> a recent version has fixed the problem, but a quick scan of the changelogs
> doesn't seem to indicate that.

precisely ... no lilo buggss.. affecting "booting"

> I changed the boot drive in the BIOS, if that's what you mean.  That's how
> I discovered the problem.

that does create problems ... depending on what the mbr contains or lacks

c ya

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