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Re: LILO bug?

Alvin Oga wrote:
hi ya marty

On Fri, 1 Jul 2005, Marty wrote:

Alvin Oga wrote:

>> Warning: /dev/hda is not on the first disk
> > if yoou can boot from /dev/hda ... lilo is working
> 	- pull out the scsi disk to make sure you are booting off /dev/hda

This requires the user to to be physically present, power down, open the
case and modify the system hardware.  It's unnecessary and may not be possible.

no it does not ...

- you can simulate a missing disk ( at least the missing MBR )
  to see if it boots the other disk

	dd if=/dev/null of=/dev/hda bs=448 count=1

This doesn't address the problem.  Again, the only workaround I know about
is removing the SCSI (or "first disk") to make LILO work correctly.  That
requires the steps I outlined.  Even if there is a better workaround, it
still seems like a bug to put the MBR on the wrong disk.

- if it doesn't boot... you never had raid properly configured anyway

I've never used raid, so I think you are confused about my problem.

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