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Re: LILO bug?

On Fri, 1 Jul 2005, Marty wrote:

> > 	dd if=/dev/null of=/dev/hda bs=448 count=1
> This doesn't address the problem.  Again, the only workaround I know about
> is removing the SCSI (or "first disk") to make LILO work correctly.  That
> requires the steps I outlined.  Even if there is a better workaround, it
> still seems like a bug to put the MBR on the wrong disk.

lilo puts the MBR where you told it ...
	vi /etc/lilo.conf

	that is where it isntalls it

- if you have preveious ran other tools that installs MBRs, than those
  MBR is used instead
	- there is an MBR for /dev/hda
	- there is an MBR for /dev/hda1
	- there is an MBR for /dev/hda2
	for each disk
> > - if it doesn't boot... you never had raid properly configured anyway
> I've never used raid, so I think you are confused about my problem.

raid or not.. multiple diskss or not .. you can still see if oyu can
boot off the other disk

- its still NOT a lilo bug that you get a warning messages, though it may
  not be what you want it to say

c ya

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