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Re: LILO bug?

hi ya marty

On Fri, 1 Jul 2005, Marty wrote:

> Alvin Oga wrote:

> >> Warning: /dev/hda is not on the first disk
> > 
> > if yoou can boot from /dev/hda ... lilo is working
> > 	- pull out the scsi disk to make sure you are booting off /dev/hda
> This requires the user to to be physically present, power down, open the
> case and modify the system hardware.  It's unnecessary and may not be possible.

no it does not ...

- you can simulate a missing disk ( at least the missing MBR )
  to see if it boots the other disk

	dd if=/dev/null of=/dev/hda bs=448 count=1

- if it doesn't boot... you never had raid properly configured anyway

- to do booting tests ( lilo or grub or syslinu or ?? ) reqwuires you or
  somebody have phyical access to the machine in case thngs go bonkers
	- if you do not have physical access, one assume you know what you
	are doing

> The "warning" does not describe nor warn about the subsequent actions of LILO
> which render the system unbootable.

the warning is exactly correct...
	- if you install on /dev/hdb or /dev/hdc .. etc.e.tc..
	it will warn you if the system has /dev/hda

	- trying to read MORE into the error messages is a bad idea

lilo and grubs error messages can all be cleaned up .. if you wanna fix
error messages .. and internationalize it too so that someone else
doesnt need to fix it again later

> Morever the warning describes what I want to do -- put LILO on a disk
> that's not the first disk.

so there is NO bug to be reported. ... as it is correct that the disk
referenced by lilo.conf is in fact a correct warning

>  I don't think the warning is wrong or silly,
> but accurate and  helpful.

it is precisely accurate .... its NOT the first disk
> It does not imply that LILO will override the lilo.conf settings and
> render the system unbootable.  That still seems like a bug to me.

lilo NEVER overides lilo.conf settings

an incorrectly defined lilo.conf will screw up your system and render
it non-bootable ... or incrorect kernels or incorrect initrd or any
other gazillion factors.. NOTHING to do with lilo rendering it unbootable
though some problems is a lilo or grub problem, those are far and few

no system error messages will (correctly) tell you if the system can boot
after you ran lilo or grub or any other loader..
	- you are just forced to (re)boot and see

c ya

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