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Re: no kdm after 2.2->2.4

Andreas Janssen wrote:


Joe Mc Cool (<joe@benburb.demon.co.uk>) wrote:

I have just just upgraded from woody to sarge, no problem.

But when I upgrade from the 2.2.20 kernel to 2.4.27-2-686, kdm will
not start.

In /var/log/syslog I get error messages like:

Jun 27 17:47:24 solaris kdm: :0[610]: Hung in XOpenDisplay(:0),
aborting Jun 27 17:47:24 solaris kdm: :0[610]: Cannot connect to :0,
giving up Jun 27 17:47:24
I can run X ok and startkde, but I need kdm to provide user logins a
la kde.

With kernel 2.2.20 everything runs fine.

Can you find any useful information in /var/log/kdm.log?
The only mention there is that:

Note that your system uses syslog. All of kdm's internally generated messages
(i.e., not from libraries and external programs/scripts it uses) go to the
daemon.* syslog facility; check your syslog configuration to find out to which file(s) it is logged. PAM logs messages related to authentication to authpriv.*.

A grep for kdm in /var/log/* reveals nothing bar the messages above in syslog.

Note that I can start X ok and run ordinary applications like xterm, kde etc.

in /etc/init.d if I try ./kdm start it tells me that kdm is already runing and a ps -ef | grep kdm confirms this, but I have no kdm login. If I try ./kdm restart it reports that it has restarted, but the ps -ef | grep kdm reports on kdm processes running and again, no kdm login.

All I am stuck for is the kdm login.

thanks a lot.


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