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Re: Moving Cyrus email from one folder to another

On Friday 01 Jul 2005 00:12, Caleb Walker wrote:
> Hello all,
> I am wondering if anyone out there has created a script that runs from
> cron that will move email from one folder to another.  What I would like
> to do is this:  I have publicly accessible folders that all imap users
> use called isSpam and notSpam which I use with the sa-learn program to
> learn about spam and ham emails.  What I want my script to do now is
> once it reads the messages to move them to a folder underneath or
> elsewhere called processed or something like that.  I could just move
> the dot files into that folder but I think that will mess up the indexes
> in Cyrus.

There is a package called imapsync (I think; maybe it's mailutils), which can 
synchronise mails between imap folders, or move them.  Not sure if you're 
planning to keep the isSpam folder in IMAP though, or outside of it.  If 
you're having learnspam scan IMAP folders over the IMAP protocol, I'd love to 
know how (it would make DBMail much more viable for me).

Lee Braiden

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