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Re: sarge and software patents

Steve Block wrote:

stop or take your comments to slashdot, where they belong.

Steve, you're right : this comment should belong to Slashdot.

I know this mailing list is much more made for technical purpose. However, this is the technic that is bethreated by software patents. I'am not speaking about Stallman's beard or whatever not connecting with technic at all. I don't fear my opinion. I did what i could as a simlpe citizen and wrote about 100 letters in french an english. In think it's completely a part of opensource software. It's a very good think to put all of your efforts and passion to master a technical matter. However, it would be an enormous revert to see your effort ruined by some lawyers and politicians. Liberty is not only about using opensource software. It's also about doing things to protect it.

This threat went bad. I never thought that what I like could be bethreated like this by our own politicans. People that are elected by us to work for our wealth and security. I just feel really disapointed by the way things turning.
I hope we gonna have good surprise.


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