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Re: sarge and software patents

Guillaume TESSIER on 29/06/05 18:05, wrote:
Guillaume TESSIER wrote:

The release of sarge stable just comes up some weeks before European Union could vote for extented patentability of software.

I guess a lot of packages from sarge are made from gnu projects that could be really endanger.


Hey Guillaume, take it easy, man. Most people agree that software patents are ridiculous but you can't stop corporations from trying everything they can to increase their shareholder value. That's their reason for existing. Corporations are like liquid - they will seep in everywhere, trying to gain power and monopoly and maximized profits. We know that, you know that, here and in the US.

Maybe in the US they're more accustomed to it and I'm sure some would have shifted their mouse to help, but if you're going to go waving pictures of chairman mao, you ain't gonna impress anyone anyhow (thanks John Lennon). You obviously just went about it the wrong way.

I tried to register myself on the German anti-software-patent site, but failed - I can't remember why, but if you need help or support, you need to make it really really simple for people to give it.


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