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Re: sarge and software patents

Guillaume TESSIER wrote:

The release of sarge stable just comes up some weeks before European Union could vote for extented patentability of software.

I guess a lot of packages from sarge are made from gnu projects that could be really endanger.

If some projects are attacked by lawyers and have to close down, what happen to the current packages made from these apps?

Does sarge just got released to let people have the last chance to get a decent debian distribution?

This sucks


The succes of this post is amazing!

This was posted 20 hours ago. And no one replied to it.


"What is this dude doing? politics in a debian mailing list?"
If i had posted something like "kernel panic while rebooting", "VLC can't read avi", "xine doesn't work", "samba : how to mount windows network share?", "how to mount ntfs ?". I would have had lot's of replies......

But patents aren't really about software? Uh?

I guess there is some european debian users here : you're concerned more than ever. Your favorite system, your favorite apps, your skills and future jobs are in danger.

Why spend time getting more skills on a system which might die?


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