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Re: help scp or rsync

Stephen R Laniel wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 29, 2005 at 07:12:46PM +0200, roberto wrote:
>>and i installed an rpm from the following site
>>http://rpm.pbone.net/index.php3/stat/4/idpl/1944456/com/rsync-2.6.5-2.i386.rpm.html (OK)
>>in machine B, where i tried the above command
> It looks like rsync is trying to use a symbol that's defined
> in a library that you don't have installed. Presumably you
> installed rsync on machine B, but didn't install one of the
> packages that rsync depends on. This is called 'dependency
> hell.'
> I'm more familiar with Debian than with Red Hat, but I did
> have some experience with Mandrake. The Mandrake 'urpmi'
> command normally resolves dependency problems. It may also
> be available under Red Hat proper; I'm not sure.

I'm pretty sure rsync is available in most Redhat versions, what version
are you using?  It is available in RHEL3.

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