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Re: [Fwd: Re: Sound problem: apparently I don't have the alsa modules up yet after all

En/La Xeno Campanoli ha escrit, a 29/06/05 07:30:

>>Have you run #alsaconf ? What happens when you do?
> It shows:
>   │  intel8x0                         Intel Corp. 82801EB/ER
> (ICH5/ICH5      │ 
>   │  legacy                           Probe legacy ISA (non-PnP)
> chips       │ 
> are my "cards", though they are in the motherboard
Ok, you are making progress. When you ran alsaconf, did you select the
intel8x0 card? If yes, did alsaconf complete successfully? It usually
says something like "now your driver is installed, enjoy!" Is that what
Assuming that this is true, you can run alsamixer (no need to be root)
and adjust the setting to your taste. Voilà you should have sound.
The easiest way to test this is to type aplay [path to some .wav file]
and you should here it. Once you do become root again (su or whatever)
and type alsactl store
and that's it.
Have fun. If you still have problems please be very specific about what
they are. Vague statements are very unhelpful.
Please don't cc: your posting to my personal address.
Thank you.

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