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Re: About blackdown

Hal Vaughan <hal <at> thresholddigital.com> writes:

> My understanding, though, is that this while AWT has some work done, Swing is 
> still undone.  When I write in Java, I'm working on a client program for my 
> business that receives data and prints it.  Since it goes on subscriber's 
> computers, it *has* to have a GUI that makes them feel comfortable.  So, for 
> me, any VM or compiler won't help me unless it includes Swing.

Swing, unfortunately, will take a while until it is reasonably finished. For
simple applications, there are workarounds, like using SwingWT to emulate Swing
over SWT, but I don't have any experience using them for complex applications,
as I don't work with Swing, myself.

> I didn't know it was that high.  That's good to know.  (If the class 
> implementation is done, does that mean it's also easier to implement it for 
> GCJ?).

These days, we (Kaffe, gcj, jamvm, cacao, IKVM, ...) all shoulder the class
library developement tasks together and hack on GNU Classpath as our common clas
s library upstream. So the fast pace of development on GNU Classpath is usually
followed by fast resyncing cycles in the respective GNU Classpath VMs. :)

> When I'm done, and have had several months to rest up, I'll be looking at what 
> parts of my system I can open source and what I can do to contribute to open 
> source.

Sounds great :)

> In the long run, I'd love it if I could compile my program for 
> Linux, OSX, and Windows, with all executable and library files in one or a 
> few directories on an install CD, and easily copy that directory tree over to 
> the target system.

gcj would be what you are looking for, eventually.

> I'm probably wrong on this, but I didn't think Qt could 
> be used from Java, and I don't know C or C++.

It can be used from Java using suitable wrapper libraries. See
http://www.valdyas.org/fading/index.cgi/hacking/gcj.html?seemore=y for a brief

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