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Re: Wvdial, Pon Broke On Sarge-Stable, Only Pon works On Woody-Done Everthing I Know-Need Help

Marty wrote:

Debian User Leonard Chatagnier wrote:

Hi Marty,
Took out init3=ATDT, logged out KDE and back in and still getting same wvdial error message, ie., no dialer

This doesn't seem to appear in Bug #276020, so it looks like a different

  So, shut down and rebooted and runing wvdial still gave same

error message as user or as root.  Now
what?  Thanks for helping,

I'm at a loss. Sorry, but as I wrote privately pon is its own dialer
and there are many other dialers in Debian.  You might use them to
verify it's wvdial-specific, then file a seperate bug report.

Ok, I replied to your previous message before reading this one. Thanks for your help and I'll keep trying to find a fix. However, I'm not going to file a bug report as this issue has existed since Debian testing and many bug reports should have been reported and solved before sarge stable was released.
That's Debian's fault not mine.  Thanks again for your efforts,

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