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Re: Wvdial, Pon Broke On Sarge-Stable, Only Pon works On Woody-Done Everthing I Know-Need Help

Debian User Leonard Chatagnier wrote:

Hi Marty,
Took out init3=ATDT, logged out KDE and back in and still getting same wvdial error message, ie., no dialer

This doesn't seem to appear in Bug #276020, so it looks like a different

  So, shut down and rebooted and runing wvdial still gave same
error message as user or as root.  Now
what?  Thanks for helping,

I'm at a loss. Sorry, but as I wrote privately pon is its own dialer
and there are many other dialers in Debian.  You might use them to
verify it's wvdial-specific, then file a seperate bug report.

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