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Re: Upgrade woody-->sarge, KDE stops working

On Sat, Jun 25, 2005 at 12:41:12PM +0000, Petri Varsa wrote:
> I had the exact same problem ... except I use kdm. You must have a lot more 
> patience than myself. It only took me a few hours before I decided to just 
> back up all of my data and re-install everything. :-)

This is actually the second time I tried to upgrade everything.
The first time failed on running out of disk space.
The second upgraded correctly except for X.
Inbetween I had another try, but I don't count is because
I never got to the point of editing my sources.list to
pointing to sarge.  I had copied my woody system to a reiser
partition in order to do the upgrade on the copy (thereby
ensuring the original woody would still run in case of mishap),
and I discovered that woody wouldn'y boot from a reiser file

Patience is much improved when you still have a working,
unupgraded system on the same machine, and can still
get your real work done.

-- hendrik

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