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Upgrade woody-->sarge, KDE stops working


Got a problem with KDE after upgrading woody to sarge.
I am running the i386 distribution. For historical
reasons I will get around to sorting out one of these
days, I run gdm then select a KDE session at login.

My X server has obviously survived the upgrade as gdm
starts OK on boot and presents me with the usual login
screen. Even my custom ModeLine settings for my
display survived; my XF86Config-4 file is exactly the
same as the backup copy I took before upgrading.

However on login, the X server appears to shut down
(and gdm promptly re-starts it) -- so I log in and
after some flashing of screens for a second or two I
find myself back at the login screen again.

I poked around in my setup and found something that
looks a bit suss -- looking at
/etc/X11/gdm/Sessions/KDE I note that one of its steps
is it's doing 'which kde2' and shutting itself down if
it can't find it. Looking in .kde-errors in my home
directory that is the error that is being reported. As
root last night I did a find . -name kde2 from the
root of my filesystem and it came back with only a
DIRECTORY called kde2, no files. This was working fine
before the upgrade -- well let me rephrase, I could
use a KDE session out of gdm fine before the upgrade.
If this is what it was trying to do or not before I
don't know as I never had cause to look.

I've had a trawl through the archives of this mailing
list and also googled around for this problem, and
found no one with this particular issue. I've also
found enough people asking different questions about
KDE on sarge that it's obvious a large number of
people have got it to work in this situation, so I
must be doing something stupid. Anyone got any advice?


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