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Re: Movie players

On Thursday 23 June 2005 17:51, Jim Hall wrote:
> Sarge, Gnome, Firefox, ALSA, and MIDI are already installed and working.
> A user needs a movie player for certain sites. A notice on the site
> recommends: Quicktime, Windows Media Player, or RealOne. I searched the
> pkg database and found several pkgs that look promising for Quicktime;

All you need is mplayer, the w32codecs and mozilla-mplayer (aka 
mplayerplug-in). It will work as a charm: tested with the Quicktime trailers 
on Apple's website.

Hope this helps,

Piero Piutti
Debian "Etch" Linux - KDE 3.4 - Firefox - Gmail
Member of Brindisi Linux User Group - http://www.brilug.it

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