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Re: Etch experiences

On Wed, 2005-06-22 at 07:21 +0200, Hans du Plooy wrote:
> Thanks for the replies, Peter and Rogério.
> The notebook will be my primary work horse.  I haven't used Debian much
> as a desktop, except on older PC with more minimalistic window managers,
> but having seen a fair bit of Sarge, and being totally hooked on apt-get
> install, I have decided to put that on the notebook.  It's a P-III 1ghz,
> 256MB ram, so I don't want to loaded with a too heavy distro...
> The thing is, I want it to be at least reasonably up to date at all
> times, so it's really between etch and sid.  I just don't know which
> will be the most stable, as I imagine etch would undergo a few big
> changes.

While it may be considered heresy, you might also want to consider
Ubuntu. Being based on debian you still get that apt-get goodness.
However they have much more rapid release cycles (which is bad for
servers, and probably bad for corporate desktops but good for individual
technical users).

I think life is likely to be very interesting for etch/sid users for the
next 3 months or so as major changes get rolled out (gcc4, xorg,
gnome/kde updates).



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