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bash not running ~/.bash_profile


For some reason my ~/.bash_profile and ~/.bashrc are not being executed by bash. Is there some way I can fix this problem? I tried to add a script S10sourceprofile to /etc/rc2.d/ but that didn't work.

I'm using Sarge. I've searched Google and a few people seem to have this problem, and the bash docs say that these only get executed if the shell is being run as a login shell. In this case it would seem that only my /etc/profile is being run. I suppose I could add:

if [-f ~/.bash_profile]; then
	. ~/bash_profile

to /etc/profile, but then I don't know if that would somehow break my system, since I am not sure if bash is being run in interactive mode on purpose...

What can I do to solve this issue? My system logs me in using kdm, by the way. Not sure if init runs a bash login shell which then runs kdm or whatever.


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