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Re: bash not running ~/.bash_profile

On Fri, Jun 17, 2005 at 11:32:07PM +1000, James Buchanan wrote:
> For some reason my ~/.bash_profile and ~/.bashrc are not being executed 
> by bash.  Is there some way I can fix this problem?  I tried to add a 
> script S10sourceprofile to /etc/rc2.d/ but that didn't work.

Not exactly sure I understand what you're trying to achieve -- in
particular, in what context you think bash isn't sourcing its dotfiles.
The following two aspects might be of relevance:

* Anything sourced in the script S10sourceprofile will only be valid
within the script itself (or in any subprocesses run from the script).
As soon as the script terminates, any variable settings and stuff are
gone.  This makes it generally impossible to have some process set
environment variables such that they take effect in its parent process,
or any other process higher up in the process hierarchy.

* Which user is ~ referring to?  Init scripts are being run as root...

Anyway, don't mean to tell you things you're already aware of...
Maybe you could elaborate a bit on what exactly doesn't work?


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