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Re: Request for window manager recommendations

On Tue, Jun 14, 2005 at 02:16:23PM +0100, Thomas Adam wrote:
> But I personally don't see how it is "lacking" if you have to use a
> text editor to change a menu entry -- I see it as just another means to
> achieve the same goal.  Just because that means might not be how you
> wanted, that is not lacking;  the functionality still exists.

    The default configuration for shell access is munged and doesn't work.
You're using a thin-client with only the X session to work with.  How do you
edit the text file when you can't get to it?  That's not lacking?  The
functionality does not exist.  It can be obtained through other means but it
is like saying that vim has a spell checker because one can install aspell and
use the vimspell plugin.  

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