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Re: 3.1_r0a CDs 7 & 8

On Wednesday 08 June 2005 01:14 pm, Hal Vaughan wrote:
> I've been trying with torrent, but can't get it to work, so I've been
> downloading cd images (several local friends need CDs since they have bad
> connections).  Is it just me, or is there a problem with finding images for
> CDs 7 & 8 for 3.1r0a anywhere?  The links are there, at least at the main
> site, but the files are not.  I've been checking a lot of mirrors, but
> don't expect to find them on mirrors if they're not on the main download
> site.
> Hal

Sorry I didn't specify this is for i386.  Images for CDs 7 & 8 are not there, 
and I can't find them on any mirror.  Are they not complete yet, or is there 
some reason they would not be online yet?


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